By Faye Gaston

Memorial Day is a holiday reserved for reflection on our military veterans who died from battlefields in our nation's conflicts to defend and afford freedom for American citizens.

It is a day to examine what we have as free people because of who gave their lives for our freedoms.

On Memorial Day 2021, a special ceremony was held at the Union Springs Fire Department to offer gratitude and reverence for those military veterans and First Responders in Bullock County who save lives and risk their own lives in emergencies.

The special event was organized by the American Legion Post #2016, the Bell Cook Hopson Auxiliary #337, assisted by Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post #5980.

They wish to publicly thank in the Herald newspaper those who donated funds to make it possible to give all First Responders in Bullock County a "Buy Bullock gift card" and prove USA flags to distribute throughout the community to place at the graves of deceased military veterans.

The list was provided by Gladys Leonard, Post #2016 Adjutant, as follows:

Checks-----First United Methodist Church, Carter Funeral Home, Linda Gholston, BeBe Wilkerson, Beulah Baptist Church,

Walker/Banks/Perry/Smith --- VFW, Melinda Dix, Jeraldyne Dorsey, Gladys Leonard, Cherly McGaw, Ella Hall, Edna Simmons, Judy Gibson, B & B Enterprises LLC, Ruby Swanson, Hermetta Williams, Roy L Murray, Willie B. Walker.

Cash---Willie B. Outsey, Jennifer Toney, St. Luke Baptist Church, Reverend and Ms. Hover Dixon, David and Rasheeda Muhammad, Dollie Blue, Cadeshe Mays, Gene Nelson Donor Collections from First United and Fitzpatrick United Methodist Churches, Eddie and Vera Frazier, Clara Anthony, Bobby Earl.

In-Kind Service-----Ardenia Crawford donated 140 Thank You cards; Union Springs AG donated $25 in value Gift Cards.

Gene Nelson donated 144 grave-side USA flags.

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