By Faye Gaston

Attorney Johnny Waters, who is the Bullock County Attorney and the Municipal Judge, was the featured speaker at the Thanksgiving program at the Nutrition Center on November 24, 2021.

Several years ago he had spoken about Squanto at the Thanksgiving program. He was invited back this year to speak again about the miracle of that first Thanksgiving in 1621 when the Indian Squanto saved the pilgrims from starvation.

He compared this miracle to Joseph in the Old Testament saving his people (and others) from starvation.

He told how God worked behind the scenes to bring Squanto and Joseph through much personal difficulty to a place at the proper time for the miracles to take place.

Johnny had distributed six sealed envelopes. He asked questions about the identity of men pictured on paper money and his presentation of the first Thanksgiving. Those who could give the correct answers got the envelopes that had cash money inside.

The biggest amount was a $100 bill that was won by Bonnie Paulk.

Faye Gaston presented a Thanksgiving platter and Thanksgiving welcome mat to Johnny as a token of appreciation for his sharing this fantastic Thanksgiving story and Bible lesson. His mother, Dean Waters, was welcomed as a guest.

Veteran John D. Cox led the pledge of allegiance to the USA flag after telling some history of the flag.

Faye Gaston read several scriptures from the Bible that instructed "thanksgiving" to God for blessings.

She introduced Johnny Waters as the featured speaker in this Thanksgiving worship service.

Tommie O'Neal asked for volunteers to tell about blessings God had given them, and many did.

Rev. Louis Pugh spoke a devotional about praising God. Aronia C. Pritchett prayed the concluding prayer.

A buffet of a home-cooked Thanksgiving menu with turkey, dressing, ham, pound cake, etc. was served on tables decorated with Faye Gaston's collection of pilgrims. Terri Bean, Center Manager, provided tablecloths for this special occasion.

All carried home a box meal. There were many wishing each other a "Happy Thanksgiving" to be enjoyed the next day.

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