By Faye Gaston

The Women on Mission (WOM) of First Baptist Church of Union Springs met on January 11, 2021, for two hours to begin the 2021 year. Following the COVID-19 pandemic guidelines, masks were worn, and physical distancing was observed. No refreshments were served.

The focus of the meeting were studies on how to pray specifically and with purpose. Mona Crawford gave the opening prayer. Faye Gaston prayed for Southern Baptist Missionaries with January 11 birthdays.

Gail Barr prayed after the Bible study, and Amy Hall prayed the adjournment prayer. Barbara Cope led in the reciting of the watchword (Hebrews 10:39 (NIV). Members recited the mission statement: "to inform and inspire Christians to influence their world for Christ." Gail Barr, president, asked for reports. Vickie Hall announced the church clothing room is closed until clothes can safely be given to people.

Mona Crawford reported on cards mailed from WOM to the sick and bereaved. Faye Gaston gave the Secretary's Report on the December 2020 meeting.

This included the Herald newspaper article about the two missionary speakers at that meeting. Photos of the missionaries in the sanctuary decorated for Christmas and the Herald article were to be mailed to the missionary couple.

Amy Hall announced the treasury report. Mona Crawford reported on the mission action project for December. This was a donation for Christmas gifts for a new resident of the Alabama Baptist Children's Home in the Dothan area.

The January project is to send funds for 20 chickens to two families in a "developing country" through the Southern Baptist "Send Relief Fund." This will give two families regular access to eggs and meat, and they can start their own business, become self-supporting, and give back to their community.

This opens doors for missionaries to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Two studies from Missions Mosaic Magazine were presented. (1) Faye Gaston taught the Bible Study on the importance of "Praying with Purpose" based on an example of purposeful prayer in Colossians 1:9-12 that Paul sent to that church. She distributed pages about prayer.

(2) Gail Barr taught the Missionary/Prayer Focus. Included was the focusing on the role of prayer in the life of a missionary by reading the monologue of missionary John Bai. She distributed a bookmark featuring the word, pray. Present were Gail Barr, Barbara Cope, Mona Crawford, Fay Duncan, Faye Gaston, Amy Hall, Sally Hall, Vicky Hall, and Betty Shepherd.

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