By Faye Gaston

The Bullock County Hospital staff has the Christmas holiday spirit. There is a door decorating competition among the staff to celebrate the season. Voting will take place on December 26, 2020.

The winner will be announced on December 30, and a prize will be given to the department winner.

The hospital has a newly renovated front lobby that is beautifully decorated for Christmas. The telephone lines were upgraded. In keeping with the COVID-19 guidelines, the staff announced that December 6 through December 12 was "National Hand-Washing Week." The Bullock County Hospital is one of Alabama's oldest rural hospitals.

It is a "Proprietary, Medicare Certified Acute Care Hospital" with 61 beds. It is located at 102 West Conecuh Avenue in Union Springs and treats more than 12,045 patients annually.

The hospital provides 24-hour emergency care, inpatient medical care, physical therapy, home health services, EKG procedures, CT, X-rays, ultrasound, mammograms, laboratory tests, and more.

It is home to the Self Recovery Drug and Alcohol Addiction Program, Gateway Adult Psychiatric Unit, and the Golden Years Geriatric Psych Unit. It is a proprietary hospital, making a profit from services provided. From October 2016 until September 2019 there were 889 patients in the hospital.

In the 2018 year, there were 2,331 total patient days, 473 total discharges, 174 Medicare discharges, and 166 Medicaid discharges. The total revenue was $27,599,794.

There are 18 employees. Some of these are as follows: Dr. Hunter Lett; Ashley Whatley, Business Office Accounts; Therinne Robinson, Intake Nurse and Case Management; Cynthia Rivers, Manager and Purchasing; Stephanie Wilson, Hospital Educator; and Raul Pedrozo, Emergency Department Manager.

Some of the ten doctors serving there are as follows: Jennifer B. Meko, MD (doctor and clinic); Saeed A. Shah, MD, (doctor and clinic); Tahir Siddiq, MD (emergency and internal medicine); and Wilbert A. Rump, MD (general practice, non-surgical). The Bullock County Hospital Healthcare Authority meets monthly.

Attending meetings are: William Hodge (Chairman), Lillie Hall (Secretary), Hawthorne Reed, Patrice Hill, Monica Harris, Bob Wynne, Metha Cooper, Thomas May, Elizabeth Smithart (Attorney), Randy Priori (Accounting), Jacques Jarry (CEO Inmed), Sharon Lee (CEO Bullock County Hospital), Belinda Jones (DON Bullock County Hospital), and Chase Caraway (Facility Management Bullock County Hospital).

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