American Legion Post 2016 will be at the Chunnenuggee Fair

American Legion Post 2016 will be at the Chunnenuggee Fair

In France, in the year 1919, a group of soldiers (about 1000 of them) gathered to generate interest and perhaps actually set in place an organization that would recognize the heroic service and contributions of those who selflessly stepped up from their local communities to serve their country, and by their service to stand in the gap between oppression and freedom…to serve and represent America as a soldier.

By the end of that year the American Legion had been formed, a constitution had been developed, leaders had been chosen, and congress granted the Legion a national charter.

Over the 100 plus years since its beginnings at the end of World War I, the American Legion has served to support the four pillars of service and advocacy upon which it was founded, Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation, National Security, Americanism, and Children and Youth.

We are blessed here in Union Springs to have both an American Legion Post and an American Legion Auxiliary.

These organizations work both together and separately to serve veterans throughout our community, state, and nation.

This Saturday, as part of the annual Chunnenuggee Fair, the Legion and Auxiliary will set up a place along the street and will have information available to the public about how you might join or support these great, patriotic organizations.

We will have some drawings, some raffles for some special items, and a lot of information for those wanting to become a part of these units.

Aside from the fair this Saturday, we will have activities on Memorial Day, focus on the 4th of July, and recognize all our brave veterans on Veterans Day in November.

On behalf of our Post Commander, Mr. Clarence Wheeler, we look forward to seeing all of you this Saturday, to meeting and speaking to you about the American Legion and Auxiliary, and embracing you in membership should you like to join with us as we serve and grow together in our community.

Gene Nelson, Chaplain

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