By Faye Gaston

A drama was held on Chunnenuggee Avenue on the Memorial Day holiday, May 31, 2021.

Four men worked as a team for one of them to climb a long ladder up the trunk of a huge pine tree and on up into very high limbs and cut off the limbs with chain saws. One saw had a short handle, and one had a long handle. Ropes tied to limbs were used to guide falling limbs to the ground.

Ropes were used to deliver a drink to the man cutting the limbs and get the chain saws to and from him. The men on the ground held the ends of ropes that extended high into the tree, and they sawed the fallen limbs into manageable pieces to take to the street to be hauled off.

Two men replaced the ladder so the limb-cutter could climb down the last distance. The ladder was removed, and the limb-cutter rested on the lawn.

It was a long cautious process in hot temperatures. The drama will continue on another day to finish getting rid of a tree that is three times the height of the home and a possible hazard.

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