By Faye Gaston

The Union Springs City Council met on October 5, 2020, by zoom telephone conference facilitated by City Attorney Elizabeth Smithart. The following were present: Union Springs Mayor Saint T. Thomas, Jr., Councilwoman Deborah Hicks Milan, and Councilmen Roderick Clark and Brian Agnew. Absent were Councilmen Earl Hinson and Stan Cooks.

Public Assembly Requests were approved for the Bullock County Democratic Executive Committee to hold a "Get Out to Vote Rally” on October 24, 2020, and for the American Legion Post 2016 to hold a Veteran's Day "Thank You Parade" on November 11, 2020.

It was voted to accept the resignation letter from Councilman Brian Agnew as Chairman of the Planning Commission. Mayor Thomas, Councilwoman Milan, Councilman Clark, and City Clerk Presetta Walker thanked Agnew for a job well done.

Evelyn Smart resigned from the Union Springs Housing Authority, Nazareth Thornton was appointed to replace this member.

Councilman Agnew made the motion to redeem the seven cents Gas Tax Certificate of Deposit that to reimburse the four cents Gas Tax. The motion carried.

Councilman Agnew made the motion to table the COVID-19 Project Consultant Agreement presented by William Scott, TRISTATZ Consulting-Marketing-Business Development until the new City Council takes office.

It was voted to approve payment of seven bills over $1,000 and all other bills after proper audit.

In the report by Mayor Thomas, he announced that City Hall would be closed to observe Columbus Day (October 12).

He announced dates for the Municipal Run-Off Election (October 6), Agenda setting (Oct. 13), the Canvass of the 2020 Municipal Runoff Election (October 13), and the next City Council meeting (October 19).

He announced that O.C.A.P. grants are available for assistance during this COVID-19 pandemic by contacting the office in Troy at (334) 566-1712, or contact Presetta Walker at City Hall for details, (334) 738-2720. He said that the date has not been set to resume Municipal Court.

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