Photo of Larry Brown from his funeral program. (Source: Larry Brown's family)

Photo of Larry Brown from his funeral program. (Source: Larry Brown's family)

Reprinted by permission of WSFA

A murder, a cover-up and calls for a state leader’s resignation. It was all part of a news conference Friday surrounding the recent death of state inmate Larry Brown.

In early April, convicted armed robber Brown was attacked inside the Bullock Correctional Facility in Union Springs. Thirty-three days later, he died.

In Montgomery Friday, attorney Julian McPhillips placed the blame for Brown’s death at the feet of the Alabama Department of Corrections.

“So we’re announcing not only his murder and what we think is a cover-up but we’re also announcing legal action. It’s the man at the top, Jefferson Dunn. He so badly needs to be off that perch. He’s perched up there like some big colonel that he once was in the Air Force and that’s fine and good but he tries to run the whole prison system like it’s an Army,” said McPhillips.

McPhillips represents Brown’s family.

“We had to find out on our own that my brother was on life support. No one contacted us. My brother received a fatal blow to the head,” said Jennifer Brown.

Brown’s death comes in the midst of major challenges for the Alabama prison system, including overcrowding, outdated prisons, federal courts and now problems getting three new prisons built.

McPhillips says the family seeks unspecified damages and accountability and they have a lawsuit in the works.

“I’m not saying that folks don’t have a conscious but they got to have a conscious plus the mind and the mind is that we need to have far more enlightened leadership at all levels,” said McPhillips.

“And we supported him. He understood what he did and he was doing his time,” said Jennifer Brown.

Brown had just turned 42 before the alleged prison assault. He was two years away from being freed, according to the family.

McPhillips says he has names and photos of inmates at Bullock Correctional Facility who could be potential suspects and plans to interview them.

On Friday, ADOC confirmed Brown’s death and said an investigation is underway, promising more information after that investigation is complete.

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