By Felicia Farnsworth

Jernigan’s Auto and Salvage has been in business since 1993. Owner and operator Joseph Jernigan started the company alongside his brother Sidney and wife Ella. Jernigan became interested in automobiles at a very early age.

His parents owned the Citgo in downtown Union Springs, and Jernigan would help his father work on the vehicles that were being serviced. After graduating from High School, in 1992, Jernigan completed the Diesel Mechanic Course at Trenholm State Community College (formerly John Patterson Community College) in Montgomery.

Jernigan’s Auto and Salvage services a wide area, including Bullock County, Montgomery, Troy, Macon, Barber, Russell Counties, and Columbus, Ga. They also service bordering states such as Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Jernigan’s currently has seven full-time employees, including himself, his brother Sidney, and his wife Ella, who is the office assistant and helps out as much as she can. The company has two rollback wreckers and two heavy-duty wreckers that can tow 18-wheelers.

After some research, I have found that Jernigan’s Auto and Salvage is the only wrecker service in Bullock County to own and operate a heavy-duty wrecker. Jernigan’s Auto and Salvage services are not limited to towing vehicles.

They also do auto repairs, sales, and car crushing. Since large family gatherings and public events were prohibited due to COVID, there has been a slight decline in the need for auto repairs and traditional towing.

Naturally, less traveling means less demand for automotive services. Jernigan’s Auto and Salvage is huge on giving back to the community.

"Being the owner of a heavy-duty towing truck and car crushing outfit has afforded me the ability to maintain employees at full-time status," stated Jernigan.

Jernigan’s Auto and Salvage supports school funding and any surrounding churches. They also choose to shop locally first to keep their money in Bullock County. “We’ll do anything we can to give back to our home community and local businesses,” stated Ella Jernigan.

“I would like to thank the citizens of Bullock County and surrounding counties for their support over the years. We will continue to serve you all with fairness and honesty,” stated Jernigan, whose personal motto is, “Treat everybody fair, and you’ll survive, even during challenging times.”

Jernigan’s Auto and Salvage is located at 664 Aberfoil Road in Union Springs, AL 36089. You can reach them at 334-224-5777 for their 24-hour service.

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