Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

By Felicia Farnsworth

Thanksgiving is a very special time of year. The leaves are changing color, there’s a crisp breeze in the air, and it’s clear the holiday season is here.

This Thanksgiving remember to give thanks to the military soldiers who are risking their lives daily for our freedom.

Give thanks to the school teachers who educate our children and lead them on their paths for the future. Give thanks to the farmers who work their hands to the bone and put their hearts and souls into the crops so that we are able to have our feast.

Give thanks to the local and small business owners who provide our community with the goods we need for our everyday lives. Give thanks to our First Responders, Police officers, Sheriff Deputies, and Hospital workers who provide us with the safety and healing that we may need.

Give thanks to the elders in your family who have passed down stories, recipes, and mentoring from generation to generation.

When you sit down for dinner on Thanksgiving day, remember those who are hungry and homeless and give thanks for your shelter and meal set out before you.

Food for thought, maybe have your dinner on Wednesday and serve those without on Thanksgiving by volunteering in a soup kitchen or donating blankets or socks to a local shelter.

Share the items you are grateful for with others who are in need.

Give thanks to those who hands tirelessly prepared the meal in order for their family to enjoy it. Thanksgiving is the time to share stories with family members you may not see everyday and spend time with.

Remember to enjoy the day and your family. If you decide to take part in the festivities of Black Friday, please remember the workers are people too. The have sacrificed their time with their families to serve your needs.

Be kind and courteous, smile and thank them for their hard work. I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and love the ones you’re with.

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