James Cox poses with some of his guests at his birthday party at the Nutrition Site on July 21, 2015.

By Faye Gaston

On Tuesday, July 21, 2015 the Nutrition Site was decorated for a festive birthday party to honor James Cox on his 64th birthday. He has been coming to the Nutrition Site for six months.

The tables were covered with white cloths and centerpieces were vases of sparkly stems of various colors. Tables were also set up for a buffet of sandwiches, chips, ice cream and birthday cake. This was in addition to the Site lunch that was a favorite, a hot dog with slaw, baked beans, and custard.

James Cox was wished “Happy Birthday” each time a friend gave him a dollar to make up the big birthday corsage. The crowd also sang the traditional song, “Happy Birthday”.

Jerome Cooks had musical equipment set up and played background music and Clara Rodgers danced.

There were three speakers. James Poe spoke about the NAACP. Rev. Henry Rodgers preached. (He and his wife offered prayers). Commissioner James Perry spoke about his being a candidate in the coming election. This was his “kick-off” speech for his campaign.

Then James Cox made his birthday speech. He thanked all for coming to his birthday party: his special guests, the volunteer workers, Site Director Leola Cobb, and all who attended from the Nutrition Site.

He recognized these individuals by name: John D. Cox (his uncle), Drakie Gosha (cousin) and his wife, Alma Gochett (cousin), James Perry and wife (cousin), Doris Cox Robinson (sister), Lizzie Duncan (friend), and Mr. and Mrs. James Poe (former employer).

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