The cast of Conecuh People from 2015. Celebrate the Red Door Theatre's 15th Year on November 14 at the Annual Meeting of the Tourism Council of Bullock County.

The Tourism Council of Bullock County’s (TCBC) Annual Meeting will be held at Noon, Wednesday, October 12 at the First United Methodist Church in Union Springs, Alabama.

An excellent buffet lunch will be served beginning at 11:45 a.m.

Please be early. There will be a $12 charge per person for a great lunch. Reservations may be made by email, telephone, or by coming by the office.

Reservations may be prepaid by check made payable to TCBC.

Reservations (and cancellations) must be made by October 7. Payment will also be accepted at the door for reservations made by October 7.

Pete Del Collo, Pennsylvania attorney, avid outdoorsman, and field trial enthusiast, will be the guest speaker at the Tourism Council’s 2016 annual meeting.

Pete is a regular visitor to Bullock County each February to attend the National Open Dog Shooting Championship and the National Amateur Free-For-All.

A summary of the year’s accomplishments will be presented and Members of the TCBC will be asked to elect Board Members to fill expiring terms and vacancies.

The Nominating Committee is recommending to the Membership five members for three-year terms.

The nominees for the three-year terms are Ollie Brown, Bessie Huffman, Daniel Edwards, Linda Montgomery and Xan Morrow.

Carla Elston is recommended to fill the unexpired term of George Tabb.

A short Board Meeting will be held for Board Members to elect new officers for the year.

Continuing on the Board of Directors are Charlotte Jinks, Nazz Thornton, Heather Klinck, Robert Williams, Charlotte Phillips, Sarah Hixon, Jason Howard, Marsha Moffett and Susan Anderson.

Allison Barnett is a Special Board Member.

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