1. Free Pizza donated by Mays Marathon (4): Winners, Hobbie Summerhill, Janet May, Don Larkins, Lynne Driggers

2. Gift Certificate from 82 West Steaks and Seafood: Winner, Patsy Gholston

3. Water Bottle and Straight Outta Bullock County Polo Shirt (2), donated by Back in Union Springs Embroidery (Sylvia Franklin) Winners, Judy Rutland and Elizabeth Howard

4. Gift Certificate from Furniture and Gifts: Winner: Shenka Martin

5. Hand Crafted Horseshoe Hat and Coat rack: Winner: Cary Thompson

6. Garden Art donated by Southern Magnolia Florist: Winner: Charlotte Jinks

7. Paparazzi Jewelry donated by Melisa Mote: Winner: Grace Graham

8. Wine Chiller donated by Taylormade Boutique: Winner: Janet Rainer

9. Stampin’ It Up Stationery donated by Mona Crawford: Winner: Summer Cunningham

10. Set of Pampered Chef Paring knives donated by Angie Connell: Winner, Katie Moorer

11. Box of one dozen decorated cookies donated by Bama Sweets, Lynn Evans: Winner, Grace Graham

12. Sunflower Trivet donated by June Dunn, Junes His n Hers: winner, Kitty Benton

13. Gift Certificate donated by CVS Pharmacy: winner, Mary Chapman

14. Geranium Basket donated by Fitzpatrick Greenhouses Clay Forrer: winner, Justin Faulk

15. Two BBQ Plates donated by The Hilltop Grill: winner, Jenny Moorer

16. Car Wash donated by Larry Hubbard: Winner, Bentley Faulk

17. Tupperware donated by Mona Crawford: Winner, Lee Evans

18. Pink Zebra Fragrance Sprinkles donated by Angie Connell: Winner, Janet May

19. 1 Year Subscription to the Union Springs Herald donated by Kim Graham: winner Grace Howard

20. Garden Art donated by Ginny Allen, The Willard Market: winner Dominique Lee

21. Gift Certificate for FPH Bakery donated by Amber Anderson: Winners: Justin Faulk, Jayme Moorer (2) and Barbara McLaurine

22. Venice Gelato Waffle cone donated by Vendor: Winner, Cope Lawrence

23. Cactus Blossom Candle donated by Vendor Naomi Walters: Winner, Judy Rutland

24. Appleby’s Gift Certificate donated by Daniel Mosely, Vendor: Winner: Judy Rutland

25. Paparazzi Jewelry donated by vendor Terri Shuttlesworth: Winner, Leigh Taylor

26. Jar of Apricot Jam donated by vendor JillyJo Jam Jose Sierra: Winner, Willodean Spratlan

27. Cap and Straight Outta Bullock County Polo Shirt (2) donated by Back in Union Springs Embroidery (Silvia Franklin): Winners: Missy Key and Charlotte Jinks

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