Best in Show- Philip Duvic “From the Outside Looking In”

Adult Fine Art

1st Place Art-Larry Stewart “Fitzpatrick Post Office”

2nd Place Stephanie Wingard “Pathways”

3rd Place- Jean Lazarus “Garden by the Pond”

Honorable Mention -Mike Benton “Bear”

Honorable Mention- Walt Spratlan “Water Lilies”

Pre-K -5th Grade Fine Art

1st Place Art- Annie Buce “Faith”

2nd Place Art – Cordel Davis “ Tuskegee Airmen”

3rd Place Art- Xismala Williams “ Gees Bend Quilt”

Honorable Mention- Ella Reed McFerrin “ Follow Your Path To Art “

Middle School Fine Art

1st Place Art-Hartley Carter “Color”

2nd Place Art- Ceasar Brovo-Mota “ Alabama”

3rd Place Art- Tyler Culpepper “ Whatever”

Honorable Mention- Reese “ Bugging for Spring”

High School Art

1st Place Art – Mariah Wilder untitled

2nd Place Art -Natalia Trejo “Hooked on a Catch”

3rd Place Art- Quevis Crawford “ Charcole”

Honorable Mention- Zachary Jones “ Sweet Alabama”


1st Place Craft-Uniquely Yours

2nd Place Craft- Crafts By Penny

3rd Place Craft- Lexi Lon’s

Honorable Mention- Cope Black

Best Overall Booth- Jilly Jo James

Susan Anderson

Chunnenuggee Fair


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