Walking on The Moon Animal Hospital (WOTMAH)

Walking on The Moon Animal Hospital (WOTMAH) 

By Felicia Farnsworth

Walking on The Moon Animal Hospital (WOTMAH) was established in Union Springs, AL, in 1991.

This veterinary clinic treats every animal, from bearded dragons and rabbits to pigs, horses, and cattle.

Dr. Mark Moore, Clint Shumate, and Josiah Roberts have made a lasting impression on the citizens of Bullock County and those from surrounding areas. When searching on Google, I came across reviews for this vet clinic.

Andy Anderson said, “I live three miles from a good vet clinic, but I drive 45 minutes to a great vet clinic, Walking on the Moon. Very good Doctors! Prices are not a rip off even in emergency cases. I will always go back as long as I can, and their customer service and service received are at a higher standard.”

There are over 178 five-star reviews on Google for this vet clinic.

You can truly see how loving and caring the staff and doctors are towards their patients and owners.

WOTMAH specializes in livestock, small animals, farm animals, large animals, pocket pets, and ranch animals. WOTMAH also offers internships and has had many up-and-coming veterinarian students in their office.

Because the doctors are very busy, I decided I would make this an appreciation article.

These three veterinarians and their staff pour their sweat, blood, and tears into their work. For their compassion, we genuinely want to say THANK YOU!

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