By Faye Gaston

Congratulations to Johnny Adams and Kim Adams Graham as they celebrate ten years owning the Union Springs Herald newspaper and being the Editor and Publisher. For years and years, I had written articles published in the Herald, under four Editors, as a volunteer writer.

After Johnny and Kim purchased the Herald, I talked with them about being a Herald employee. They consulted with each other and decided to hire me as a reporter and furnished all the paperwork to get me started as an employee. When the pandemic closed down a lot of places, they offered me an office in the Herald building. It is in the back away from general contact with the public unless I have an interview there.

I do attend meetings to write articles about them. The local newspaper provides information about local government, organizations, and events that the public would not know about without the local newspaper.

Newspaper reporting is not like a "normal" job. It is an information clearinghouse. It is exciting. There is variety. I learn a lot about life and people and professions. It is an educational kind of job. Knowledge is power. There is power in words.

The world is full of interesting people. Because of my job, I have come to know many people I would not have known. I appreciate how we each contribute to the way we live as a unit in this time period.

I am a reporter, a writer. I have a hunger for the written word. (I read a lot!) Thanks to Johnny and Kim, I belong to the "family" of the Herald staff. Thanks to Johnny and Kim, I do a job that I love, and I get paid for it. I can continue to learn and choose to live life to the fullest.

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