By Rev. Gene Nelson

I got my copy of the Union Springs Herald delivered just the other day, and I thought about just how special this newspaper is to our community and me. I didn’t realize it but right now marks ten years of our local paper being prepared and published by the Adams family.

Ten years is a long time, and in the small town newspaper business, it is often more than a lifetime. Our world has changed; we get our news wherever we can find it; we lose track of our unique local events, and too many small-town newspapers are either absorbed by large publishing companies or they fade into the memories of years gone by.

We have a great newspaper that every week tells of the life and lives in our community as only a local paper can.

Stories are described in the paper about events unique to our town, weekly commentaries from the Jinks, Crow, & Dickson Law Firm give us something for each of us to ponder, news from “Inside the Statehouse” keeps us current with happenings in Montgomery, local contributors to the paper, Faye Gaston, and Pastor Louis E. Pugh regularly share some inspirational and uplifting message to brighten our days, and we even get to look back to our past in a section titled “Years Gone By” to somehow share in important local events that many of us weren’t even around for.

Add to all this the news from our local high school sports, the reporting of the many patriotic events and activities in our community, and the sharing of countless family reunions and church activities, and we have a weekly paper that is so much more than just some news coming at us from a distant broadcast site or some Facebook post.

Thank you, Johnny Adams and Kim Graham, and everyone associated with the Union Springs Herald for your tireless dedication and support of this precious news source over the past ten years. The Union Springs Herald has a heartbeat.

That heartbeat is a rare energy that somehow draws us closer together as a community, lets us share in the joys and sorrows of our neighbors, and serves to strengthen and make us the loving community that we are.

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