From 24 November to 29 November 2018, volunteers and employed workers worked to clear and clean-up grave sites at Friendship Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in Midway. [Located North of Midway, on the west side of County Highway #47.]

Their goal: To restore the grounds and markers to manageable condition and arrange a maintenance plan.

Volunteers were: Charlotte & James Cameron of Muskogee, OK; Harold Key of Milton, FL. and Laurie Conn of Newnan, GA. - who cleared most of the front and part of the back part of the cemetery area, cleaned up around tombstones, took photos and GPSed every grave.

The great local help were: Johnny Mack, Herbert Tarver, Jemell Waiters, and Anthony Walker, all of Midway & Enon.

County Commissioner Don Larkins suggested what we needed to be successful in our goal of total restoration and maintenance and assisted daily in the clean-up.

Dean Spratlan, Bullock County Historian, showed us how to locate graves by dowsing and provided lots of information including the Cemetery Deed. Bill Rainer and Lamar Kelly also provided very helpful suggestions and support. Iona Pruett McMillan, a beloved local historian, came by to check out our work and gave advice about this historic cemetery that is a burial site of black and white citizens. She recalls attending funerals in the back area.

Samuel Feagin (1782-1848), founder of Midway, is buried at Fellowship along with family members and other Midway pioneers.

Some tombstones located at the back of the Cemetery include Catherine Butts, Clara Durr, (Beautiful Zion Chamber) and Willie Pearsons, Alcy Jordan (wife of J. S. Jordan, born 11 Oct 1857, death 2 Jun 1908), Alvie Jordan, B.J. Jordan (son of S. & A. Jordan, born 17 Aug 1877, death 22 Jun 1904), Joshua S. Jordan (born 23 May 1854, death 12 Jun 1919. Masonic Insurance policy), Leroy Jordan (born 30 May 1895, PVT 1CL 528 Engineers, death 20 Feb 1932).

These markers can be seen on the Fellowship Cemetery link on Find A Grave. It is hoped that the burial sites of Jerry Smith Efford (?-1964), Mrs. Ada M. Smith Bayton (1891-1967), Truman West (?-1968), Mrs. Robbie Mae Smith (?-1970), Joe Walker (?-1975) and Peter James Williams (1906-1985) can be identified.

Harold Key dug up several unmarked cement slabs and discovered Will Anderson's military grave marker [also on Find A Grave]. Jane Buenavista McGee (born 25 Aug 1849, death 11 Sep 1856), daughter of Green B McGee, was another discovery.

Donations, needed to cover continuing clearing and maintenance, can be sent to Jim Cameron at 1946 South 70th Street East, Muskogee, Ok 74403. Put at bottom of check on "Memo"- Fellowship Restoration Fund.

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