10 Years Ago - 2009

Conecuh Springs Eagles are runner-up at state tournament. Players are Elijah Pugh, Joseph Adams, Chase Hall, Daniel Adams, Lonnie Crawford, Clayton Pugh, Ty McLaney and Joseph Crawford.

The Red Door Theatre was at full capacity over Valentines’ weekend for “The Moving of Lilla Barton.” The theatre seats 160 and was sold-out for each of the three performances of “Lilla,” The cast included Steve McCary, Leigh Moorer, Susie Priori-Turner, Mark Moore, Dave Furst and Terrance Thomas.

Bullock County received a small amount of snow Sunday morning and afternoon. It began snowing about 6:30 Sunday morning and snowed for about two hours. The ground was covered but not for long.

25 Years Ago - 1994

The Bullock Memorial Spartans won the State Championship in the AISA 1A basketball tournament last Thursday. Team members were John Seymour, Todd Watts, Todd Culpepper, Davey Stewart, Allen Stuart, Al Arrington, Allyn Williford, Jamie Culpepper, Lee Hall and Don Cook.

The 44th running of the National Amateur Free-For-All Championship was run last week over the large Sedgefield Plantation near Union Springs. Bandit’s Bisco Bandit, stylish pointer female, owned and handled by Hoyt Henley of Montgomery, Alabama, was named champion at the conclusion of the trials on Saturday.

Clemice Graham of Union Springs and Robert Dale Hurst of Louisville were married on September 11, 1993 at the First Baptist Church in Union Springs. Rev. Thomas Randall performed the ceremony.

The Model Garden Club held its monthly meeting at The Union Springs Country Club. Mrs. W. T. Cochran and Mrs. Graham Hixon were the gracious hostesses.

50 Years Ago - 1969

Two fisherwomen displayed their large catches last Thursday. Mrs. J. T. Knowles bass weighed 5 lbs. And Mrs. Jim Paulk’s weighed 10 lbs.

The American Red Cross Fund Drive committee recently met to develop plans for this year's fund drive in Bullock County. Those who attended the meeting were Mrs. Fred Main, Mrs. J. L. Heaton, Mrs. Jack Moseley, Mrs. Lynn Jinks, Jr., Rev. Henry Roberts, Mrs. Diana Bean, Mrs. Bill Salter, Mr. Ed Freeman, and Rev. David B. Antonson.

Mrs. Flossie Cameron, Clerk-Typist for Bullock County Rural Resource, is cited this month at Employee of the Month because of her taking on duties and responsibilities beyond the duties of a clerk-typist.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Garner, Editor and Publisher of the Union Springs Herald, left last Saturday morning for a 9-day cruise. The Garners and the Bill Cameron’s caught a boat early Sunday morning to visit several places off the coast of Florida. The chore of editing a newspaper for two weeks was left to Thomas May, with the help of Mary Hassett, Jean Watts, Dora Cole, Charles Hart and Henry Thomas. Warren Sells came in early Saturday morning to check on the employees to see if things were going all right. He found them “busy as a bee” but just not accomplishing much.

James “Wolf” May left Sunday morning for Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., where he is staying for the week. “Wolf” is attending baseball umpire’s school to learn how to do what he has been doing for several years. He will be working among the New York Yankees’ organization which is in Ft. Lauderdale for Spring Training. He will umpire training games and will also play some baseball. After completion of the week’s schooling his name will be turned over to the Professional League of Umpire’s. He will then be eligible to umpire professional baseball games.

75 Years Ago - 1944

The Lions Club of Union Springs will sponsor a “Womanless Wedding,” directed by Mrs. R. C. Branscomb, Jr. to be presented on Friday at the High School Auditorium. The cast will be composed entirely of male citizens of Union Springs.

Miss Florence Rainer, of Opelika, and Miss Jean Rainer of the A.P.I., spent the weekend at home.

Rev. and Mrs. J. D. McLeod, Jr., of Midway, were supper guests of Col. and Mrs. Henry J. Rosenstihl last Sunday.

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