10 Years Ago - 2008

The voters of the City of Union Springs will return to the polls next Tuesday to elect the mayor of the city for the next four years. This will be the only race on the ballot. Former Mayor John McGowan and present Mayor Earl Hinson will be vying for the city’s top elected office.

Officers for the Community Service Club at Conecuh Springs Christian School are President Ellyssa Cobb; Vice President Jordan Rump and Secretary/Reporter Sara Jane Moorer.

25 Years Ago - 1993

The home of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Dunn, E. Hardaway Street, has been selected to receive the Blue Ribbon Residential Award for their continual improvement to the beautification of their home, neighborhood and city.

Congratulations to the 1993 Miss Wildlife Leslie M. Cole. She rode in the parade at the Wildlife Festival in Hurtsboro and performed for the festival along with Junior Miss Wildlife, Marsha Cummings and Little Miss Wildlife, Kimberly Key.

There will be a car wash Saturday sponsored by Eastside Baptist Youth.

50 Years Ago - 1968

Who’s Who Elections were held at Bullock County High School. The following students were elected by the student body: Best All Around: Linda Hassett and Al Cook; Best Dancers: Linda Lott and Earl Montgomery; Biggest Flirt: Susan Lane and Stan Pritchett; Friendliest: Debbie Williams and Stan Pritchett; Best Dressed: Madre Cunningham and Earl Montgomery; Freshest Freshman: Charles Meredith; Most Sophisticated Sophomore: Jane Norton; Jolliest Junior: Stan Graham; Senior Most Likely to Succeed: Al Cook; Cutest: Debbie Jinks and Butch Richardson; Most Talented: Mary Smith and Richard Murray; Most Dependable: Brenda Finlayson and Drew Barnett; Most Athletic Boy: Bubber Holmes; Most Studious: Linda Slayton and Richard Murray; Most Popular: Debbie Williams and Al Cook; Most Vivacious Girl: BeBe Bledsoe; Wittiest: Shelby Green and Stan Graham; Toughest: Jane Norton and Bubber Holmes; Best Mannered: Mary Smith and Richard Murray; Beauties: Linda Hassett, Linda Lott and Sandra Cope; Handsome: Al Barnett, Jimmy Stevenson and Earl Montgomery.

V. J. Elmore’s announced the following winners in the Model Car Contest: Boys 13 and under: First Place - Eddie Freeman; Second: Johnny Brooks; Third - Buddy Jordan. Boys 14 and over: First Place - David Bufford, Second - Mike Brown, Third - Mike Brown. Local judges were Bobby Cohn, Calvin Billingsley and Henry Roberts.

75 Year Ago - 1943

Lynn Jinks, Jr., Seaman 2-c from the Pensacola Naval Base, spent Monday night and Tuesday with his mother, Mrs. Lynn W. Jinks.

Miss Louise Shaw received a telegram Wednesday from her brother, James Shaw, informing her that he had landed in San Francisco, and would be home in a few days. James has been ill in an army hospital in Australia and was sent back to the States to recuperate.

Shoes are still rationed. Take care of this summer’s shoes. Repair them, clean them thoroughly, and put them away in a dry place to prevent mildew and decay.

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