10 Years Ago - 2009

The cast and musicians of Hank Williams: Lost Highway are Jason Givens, Stan “Chilly” Cooks, Eve Harmon, Ariel Taunton, Betty Hubbard, Patrick McElwee, Terrance Thomas, Julian Cope, Anna Perry, Thomas Roughton, Roy Royster, Lloyd Strickland, Lenny Trawick and Bill Cook.

Class of 1959 members who celebrated their 50th year since graduating from Union Springs High School on May 29, 1959 were Bubber Pope, Henry Chappell, Louis Rutland, Billy Mac Harrington, Max Kelly, Milton Hall, Linda Stricklin Dykes, Charlie Trussell, Rosalyn Holmes Hogan, Robert Owen and John Adams.

Old Merritt School board members Rev. James Robbins, Letha Foster, Alice Kendrick and Essie Thomas took a picture standing outside the newly renovated Rosenwald School for the Ribbon Cutting and Open House celebration.

25 Years Ago - 1994

Melissa Ingram, 10-year-old daughter of Mike and Joann Ingram, and Mac Phillips, 11-year-old son of Craig and Tammy Phillips, each won a bike last week in the Herald’s subscription contest.

Sheriff H. O. Williams resigned as Bullock County Sheriff Wednesday, August 3, and his replacement is Charles “Jab” Hudson. Hudson told the Herald that he has named Raymond Rodgers as a deputy. Rodgers has been with the Union Springs Police Department for several years. Other deputies are Pete Cole and Gary Smith.

50 Years Ago - 1969

Miss Ginger Paulk, whose marriage to James Douglas Mongrtomery will take place Sunday, August 24, was honored with a tea shower Thursday at the Union Springs Country Club. Hostesses were Mrs. Loyd Mooneyham, Mrs. J. T. Ogletree, Ms. Albert Pugh and Mrs. Grady Smith.

The Troup Cunninghams recently returned home from a 14-day cruise in the Caribbean on the “Franca C”. They toured Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands, Guadeloupe, St. Lucia, Curacao, Venezuela, Jamaica, Nassau, and back to Miami. They were accompanied by Dr. and Mrs. Joe Perry and their two daughters of Montgomery, Ala.

Atty. Ted Hoffmann, Mrs. Hoffmann and children recently enjoyed a vacation to Williamsburg, Va., Washington, D. C. and points of interest on the eastern coast.

75 Years Ago - 1944

Mr. Dan Betts of Shopton, left Monday to visit relatives in Opelika.

We regret to note that news has just been received here of the illness of Don Springer, in a hospital in New Orleans, La., with Brills fever. Don is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Springer. The family were on the way there on a pleasure trip when Don was stricken.

Amelia McLendon was nine years old last Friday and celebrated her birthday by giving pleasure to forty others. The children were invited to meet at the picture show and as a special for her there were seven colorful comics shown. Later they all rode down to her lawn to cut a lovely birthday cake. Iced punch and other confections were served by her mother, Mrs. F. T. McLendon, her grandmother, Mrs. E. J. Fenn, Mrs. Tom Fenn, Mrs. George Andrews, Sarah McLendon and Beverly Knight.

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