Tuesday, March 5, 2018, marked a day to remember for the athletic department of Bullock County High School.

The Hornets’ baseball team traveled to the capital city for a doubleheader making it the program’s first two games in over five years.

The two teams Bullock County faced were Jefferson Davis High School Vols then the Poets of Sidney Lanier High School, both of Montgomery.

Throughout the first two games of the season, it was shown that Bullock County will face tough challenges in the first year. In both games pitching has been the main struggle all through the afternoon.

The pitching staff had trouble getting the ball over the plate and allowed their opponents on base due to walking.

The in-field had difficulty keeping the ball in play when attempting to make a play on a hit. The Hornets lost both games with the scores of 13-1 against the Vols and 20-1 versus the Poets.

Despite what the scoreboard said, the Hornets have an opportunity to become an elite program in the long run. There were highlights of some great defensive plays from the outfielders, and some positive plays at bat.

The Hornets have players who are in the seventh and eighth grade on their roster which will give them a chance to gain experience.

After the night Hornets Baseball Coach Marc-Anthoni Peacock stated: “We have a lot of people in the community to thank for even getting us to this point.

Through the help of the community, Mr. Fred Youngblood, and so many other people in the community, they helped us in reference to have the equipment we currently have.

Being back out on the field after five plus years of not having baseball, I can say it is a delightful treat. Although we’re not in a league, we will take all comers.

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