Left to right: Coach J.R. Richardson, Coach Rudy Cooper, Coach Willie Spears, Coach Marc-Anthoni Peacock, Coach Torres Vines, Coach A.T. Harris, and Coach Jeremy Vines.

Bullock County High School head football coach Willie Spears and his staff visited Kennesaw State University near Atlanta last week.

The Owls are a division one FCS school that has not lost a conference game in two years.

The purpose of the trip was to build camaraderie and learn more football. The Hornet’s staff sat down with members of the Owl’s staff and asked questions, watched video, went over drills and watched practice.

Every month this off season Bullock County coaches will spend time in professional development.

In January they attended the Alabama Football Coaches Association clinic in Montgomery and listened to several speakers including Alabama head football coach Nick Saban, Auburn head football coach Gus Malzahn and UAB head football coach Bill Clark.

In February the Hornets were in Destin, Florida to hear Clemson offensive coordinator Jeff Scott and Alabama defensive back coach Charles Kelly among others. Early this month some coaches attended the Minority Coaches Association clinic in Montgomery to hear from top coaches from around the country.

Coach Spears said, "Years ago Gus Malzahn sat in the front row and took notes while a 2A high school football coach went over the most efficient way to run the power.

"If Coach Malzahn needs to learn more football, the staff and I definitely need to learn more football. I believe you should stop learning when you stop breathing."

Coach Spears will visit Clemson at the end of this month and the staff will spend time at Alabama State, Faulkner and Huntingdon in nearby Montgomery.

On May 4 Coach Spears and his staff will host a football clinic for women and a separate clinic for youth league coaches.

The Hornets will also host a football camp on the same day. More information can be found on the Hornets Facebook page.

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