Darius Cates

Friday the Hornets drove up Highway 29 for the annual rivalry game versus the Booker T. Washington Golden Eagles. The Golden Eagles entered the competition winless so far in the season.

The Hornets were looking for their second win and a chance to keep the Myron C. Penn Trophy. Both teams started off with a slow pace. Bullock County struggled holding on to the football, fumbling throughout the first drive (No turnover).

On the same drive Bullock County had costly penalties including one that caused a touchdown. With the penalties and tight defense of BTW the Hornets had to settle for a field goal.

Later in the first half Bullock County was able to get their trademark option run plays going, led by freshman quarterback Robert Williams. The black and gold backfield were able to move the ball exposing the Golden Eagles’ D-Line. Williams was responsible for his own rushing touchdown and running back Kendeous Owens rushed for two rushing touchdowns of his own plus an extra point conversion.

At the fourth quarter, Booker T. Washington seemed like they were working on a comeback. After a clutch kickoff return for a touchdown in the third quarter and their throwing attack being fast paced in the fourth quarter, the Golden Tigers had an opportunity to take the win from their rival.

With a little over two minutes to go in regulation, the Hornets recovered a fumble to seal the game. Coach Willie Spears voiced his thoughts about the Battle of Highway 29 game. “We have three games that always matter: BTW, Homecoming and Barbour County. It does not matter what our record is, those are big games of Bullock County. It’s the excitement of the town.

The kids were talking about it in the hallway, the teachers were talking, the people at the gas station were talking about it, so it is a big win for the community. Before the game I was thinking, ‘Let’s keep this trophy’ and the guys played their butts off and the trophy stays home.”

The Hornets will face Beulah Bobcats on October 4th at 7:00 p.m.

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