Friday was the start of the second season of the Willie Spears’ era. Last season Bullock County improved by beating Booker T Washington, winning on Homecoming night and finishing with a 5-5 record.

The Hornets made a trip to Tallapoosa County to take on the Rebels of Reeltown. Reeltown is known as one of the prolific football programs in the state, so this would be a tough test for Bullock County to start the season.

Throughout the contest Bullock County had some excellent play calling from the coaching staff but had times executing the strategies. The offense had a hard time getting yards from the passing game.

The squad did not complete any throwing plays. “Our quarterback {Robert Williams} got hurt in the first series. Our backup {Dominick Graves} is a Freshman who haven’t played much quarterback. When Williams got back to the game he had a stinger on his left shoulder so it was tough for him to rotate,” Spears explained. The running game did seem promising with two backs who made big plays from the line of scrimmage: Kendeous Owens and Jederrius Flintroy.

Owens showed power and patience from the backfield. Flintroy displayed his speed and elusiveness in the running game and on special team. He scored the only Hornet’s touchdown off a kickoff return.

The Rebels did show their experience and athletic advantage that would lead them to victory 18-6 as the final score. Spears spoke after the game: “For us to be in a dog fight in one of the premium programs in Alabama, it’s pretty cool. You hate to lose but the fact that we were in it until the last five minutes. I’m proud of my guys.”

On September 6, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. the Hornets will have their home opener versus St. James Trojans.

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