On Friday, the Hornets’ family celebrated this year’s senior class with an area rival game against the Jaguars of Barbour County. The competition started off as tough for both squads.

Barbour County showed excellent full court press defense early which got the Hornets mishandling the ball in the first portion of the first half and from mid-range.

To answer for the Jaguar’s defense, Bullock County shot a good percentage from the 3-point line.

The first half showed that it was a high scoring game. In the second half both teams showed physicality on the boards and their defense.

It was a battle of wits between the rivals but the Barbour County were able the put their opponent in foul trouble and shut down their inside scoring.

As a result, the Jaguars prevailed with a score of 69-59 on BC’s Senior Night.

During the post-game, seniors reminisce their time with BC Basketball.

Demarkis Austin: “This was my best year playing at Bullock County. The coaches were really good and helped me out.”

Dahkon Fagin: “It’s been fun. Every year we get closer to the goal. We can do some good things I the playoffs this year.” “It’s been hard work. We just had to fight and finish the season strong,” said Devontae Davis. “Every year we have a good year but this year we started off bad. We played a couple hard teams but, we got it together in regional play going five and zero. It’s a great program.”

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