On September 21, 2018, Lt. Marcus Blackmon, son of Lula Blackmon of Asbury Park, NJ and the Late Theotis E. Mabson of Armstrong, AL, was named Captain of the Asbury Park Fire Department (APFD).

Marcus, 48, the second oldest of his siblings, resides in Asbury Park with his wife, Ana, and son, Marcus, Jr. He has two daughters, Zahava and Alana, who also live in the area with their families, including Kashawn, Isaiah, Za’Aira and Dah’mer. His older sister, Kathy, and younger sister, Valerie, also live in Asbury Park.

A 1988 graduate of Asbury Park High School and a former student at Brookdale Community College, Blackmon has been a member of the APFD for 12 years. He earned his way up through the ranks with faith in God, hard work, self-respect and esteem, and expert training and guidance from his superiors.

In his Special Order, dated September 21, 2018, Fire Chief D. Kevin Keddy of the APFD, stated, “[i]t gives me great pleasure and professional pride to announce that effective Monday, October 1, 2018, 0800 hours, Marcus Blackmon will be promoted to the rank of Captain.” Further, “I have no doubt Captain Blackmon will occupy his new rank with the utmost professionalism, sound judgment and integrity that are the hallmarks of this proud organization.”

Among Blackmon’s many family members in Alabama are his paternal aunts, Attorney Lateefah Muhammad of Tuskegee, and retired nurse Dorothy Mabson Woody of Auburn. His maternal aunts in Alabama are Fannie Blackmon Tinsley and Lynette Blackmon of Tuskegee.

Captain Blackmon stated: “I have heard many people say that ‘hard work pays off.’ Today, I bear witness that it does. I encourage everyone who has a goal for their life to never give up. Be positive, believe in yourself, keep positive and uplifting people around you and know that where there is a will, there is always a way.” He further stated that he is “honored to have the great opportunity to serve the people of Asbury Park in this new position as Captain.”

Submitted by Attorney Lateefah Muhammad

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