The reason for writing to you and your readers is my recent visit to City Hall and what I learned. I went to City Hall to see the Mayor about one of the City’s undertakings.

I found the Mayor in a public meeting and so I decided to join the meeting and listen. What I learned was a discussion about the recent Car Show, which was held on Saturday, March 3, 2018.

After an hour of listening to “No you can’t do this and No, you should Not do that” the meeting broke-up. However towards the end of the meeting Tracy Larkins took to the floor and gave a most informative recitation on how and why the car show came to be and some of the benefits that come out of it. Her remarks are probably what prompted me to write this letter.

Before I go on further, let me share with you and your readers some of the things I like. I like car shows, I like old cars, I like old houses, I like old furniture, I like little towns, and I like old women. Oh my, I believe I have gone too far with that last one.

After I talked to the Mayor on an entirely different subject, I drove home. Upon reaching home, I went to the newspaper and reread the excellent coverage the Hearld staff presented to it’s readers on the car show.

Now, let me go back to the subject matter. Having lived in the City of Union Springs for the past 15 years and having worked and traveled over most of this country, I would like to share with you some of my observations: (1) Towns that are outgoing are much more prosperous than towns that are not. (2) In order for a town to be financially prosperous it MUST have outside revenue coming in. Union Springs has very little outside revenue. (3) For a community to thrive, it must NOT be EXCLUSIVE. It has to be INCLUSIVE. What do I mean by inclusive? Racism has to be eradicated by the white community as well as the black community.

Whether some of us like or not, this town is changing with the different ethnic groups moving in to work and do business. The Public Officials and generations from the populous will have to change their attitudes or once again be losers.

Unless this change comes about and soon, Union Springs will not prosper in the 21st. century. (4) It is a responsibility of the Union Springs Government that it provides the necessary education to those among us that do not know our laws and code rules. You must provide the avenue and venues for them.

In closing, I say that I have an 80 car parking lot on Main Street and Tracy bring the next car show on. I’ll even clean it up for you and all the car nuts like me. However, I have a question for the City Council. Which light post are you wired to, the positive one or the negative one?

Just an Old Citizen,

Donald O May

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