Union Springs Carnegie Public Library.

An article in the 6/20/18 Herald newspaper stated that there would be an emergency meeting to save the Carnegie Public Library in Union Springs on June 20, 2018. Over 60 concerned citizens attended.

The article said Frances Brown, Director of the library for a dozen or so years, stated that "the library has no money" and also that "an audit is needed."

The Union Springs Mayor had announced to the library board that payroll tax deductions had not been made for about 8 years. Funds are needed to pay this plus whatever penalties and/or interest is due.

The federal tax exemption 501(c)(3) was revoked on May 15, 2010 by the IRS so no grant applications could be made on this non-profit status until 2018 when it was reinstated.

A new roof is needed due to leaks for several years. There are thousands of books and about 16 computers plus original beautiful interior architecture.

This building is on the National Register of Historic places, being in the Courthouse business district that is on the Register. The library building is a treasure for the county, state and nation. Built in 1911 this is the first time the library has gone "bankrupt"!

The library board minutes would show that board members keep resigning in the most recent couple of years. Presetta "Neece" Walker, City Clerk and chairman of the library board, recently resigned.

An audit is needed at least from 2010 to the present.

Faye Gaston

(Gives Historic

Preservation Monthly

Report to the City Council)

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