This is my response to the Letter to the Editor from Roscoe Nance of Virginia. In the words of Shakespeare, his letter is "Much Ado About Nothing."

His tirade of criticism is about the article I wrote about the annual Voters League Banquet. I have attended the banquet for several years and always purchase an ad in the printed program. I cover the event for the Herald newspaper.

President of the Voters League, Essie Thomas, told me the "article was excellent."

The headline and article were proof read by the Herald's publisher and the headline was not changed, and not a word was changed in the article. The publisher was present at the banquet and took the photographs.

Nance said the headline "Banquet was a Democrat Campaign Rally" was an insult to the readers, that they could come to their own conclusion. In my experience a headline tells what the article is about and the reader can decide if he/she wants to read the article.

He points out that "Democrat" is a noun and was used as an adjective in the headline and therefore this was "political bias" and "poor journalism". He said that using the word "Democrat" in the headline was "a means of belittling and irritating Democrats".

I had never given thought that there was a difference in the meaning of the words Democrat and Democratic as they identified that political party.

In my article I used the word "Democratic" twice and "Democrat" once with no thought of nouns and adjectives, political bias, belittling or irritating.

Nance objected to the headline that said this was a Democrat campaign rally. For all the times I have attended the annual banquet, to my knowledge there has not been a Republican featured speaker, Republican candidates campaigning or Republicans serving as officers in the Voters League. This is understood when one attends the annual banquet or purchases an ad in the printed program.

Nance indicated that I must be familiar with, and agree with, the "bias" of Joseph McCarthy (Wisconsin) and William Safire (New York Times) in using the word Democrat. I am not familiar with that.

Nance said for us to "show respect" when we don't agree with differing political views.

I have been writing articles for the Herald for decades. My Democrat/Democratic and Republican readers must be as shocked by your wrong accusations toward me as I am.

Faye Gaston

Union Springs, AL

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