Dear Editor,

On Monday, August 31, 2015 after spending the weekend cleaning up around the property and filling my garbage can with normal house garbage, I still had several items that needed to be picked up.

I placed the items into a large RubberMaid container that I have used when there was more trash than would fit inside the can supplied by Bullock County Solid Waste (BCSW). Tuesday morning, September 1, 2015 I placed my container behind the garbage can that BCSW supplied. When they left, I went down to the road to move the BCSW garbage can back from the edge of the road and retrieve my personal container. My container was gone.

I called the BCSW office to report what had happened. I was told they would contact the driver and return my container. I was later informed the driver told them that my container was full of busted up plastic and my container was broken so they threw the whole thing in the truck.

I informed them that my container was in very good condition and “Yes it was filled with plastic trash and old tarps that were dry rotted.”

I ask to speak to whoever was in charge and was told the commissioner was in a meeting and they would have him call me. I did not receive a return call that day or the next so, I called back again and was told they were aware of me and they would again give him my number. I was not call back that week. I called again the next Tuesday and told them I still had not heard from the commissioner. I was told they would put a note on his desk. Another week has come and gone and still no call. I have been more than patient but it is time for them to settle this matter. The container they took was a RubberMaid model 256B designed for outside use and extreme weather conditions. I had two of them exactly alike that I have used whenever there was more trash to be picked up than would fit inside the garbage cans they supplied.

I want my container back. They had no right to take my personal property.

J.W. Anderson

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