During football season Coach Spears will have his friends fill in for him as he focuses on the season. This week we have Michael Mariner.

As I look back over my life while reaching another milestone by turning a year older, I recently sat and pondered on all my trials and storms I encountered throughout my life and concluded that the one constant thing in my life that helped me through it all was my support system, my pillars.

My pillars are the reason I'm still here today pursuing purpose as well as living my life on purpose. I say pursuing because I believe even though you can be living in your purpose, because of growth there's always a pursuit of something new and greater that you can discover even while living in your purpose. There are certain things that will never change, such as the journey of one constantly reinventing one's self to navigate through life's challenges and changes. I am a firm believer of learning how to master change because when you learn how to master change you learn how to master life because life is all about change. As you navigate through life, it is imperative that you have someone in your corner that will not allow you to throw in the towel when you feel like quitting and aborting your purpose and destiny. I could've easily quit when life seemed to be overwhelming but it was my support system, my pillars that bared a portion of the weight and compelled me to move on towards greatness. Think about it for a minute.

Pillars naturally are strongly built to support a surmountable amount of weight. They are also built to support that in which they were created to uphold. There were people created just for you, to uphold you, which were created to be your support system because they were made of the stuff you needed when you needed it.

Be on the lookout for posts trying to pose as pillars. We call those imposters, imposing to be something that they’re not. You can't allow everyone into your circle because they are not strong enough to support you when the weight shifts. You need people in your life that are strong, sturdy and dependable. Tough times don’t last but tough people do and you don’t need your support system bailing out on you when you need it most. Picture a post for a moment.

Posts are not as sturdy and aren’t built to carry much weight. If you think about it a little more you would see that most of the time you can recall leaning against a post hoping that it was able to support you because posts are not as sturdy and can and will easily break if too much pressure is applied. This too is the reason why we have to make sure we have pillars in our circle and not posts, people who aren’t easily broken.

Are you surrounded by pillars or posts? Ask yourself this question and if you can't determine any pillars in your life then it's time to change your circle of influence. Better yet, ask yourself this question, "Am I a pillar or post?" “Can others count on me as I expect to be able to count on them?” We all know in some way we attract what we are and if we can’t access pillars in our lives then it might be a great time for a self-evaluation checkup. It’s called growth. It’s ok to scale back in order to grow. Never allow change to keep you from progress and never allow fear to impose its will upon you and cause stagnation. Your next level is calling, will you answer?

Michael Mariner is a motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur and local youth pastor. Also known as "The Shift Motivator," he is the voice that helps govern the transition periods in your life while figuring your way to greatness. His message to the world is "Think different, Be different, Live different!" He is the President/Founder/CEO of Shift Motivations, LLC, a company created to motivate, empower, inspire, and equip individuals and organizations to take action and make the shift in fulfilling their life’s purpose and live out their greatness by embracing the changes necessary to receive the level of success desired.

Michael's message of empowerment has influenced many and would love the opportunity to work with you to motivate, inspire, and empower you and your audience to your next level of success!



Email: Michael@shiftmotivations.com

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