Tayelor Grace Spears

Tayelor Grace Spears


March 18, 2020

This week’s article is written by Willie Spears’ daughter Tayelor Spears. Tayelor is a freshman at Arnold High School in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Hope. Such a simple four-letter word that has a flood of power behind it. Hope is optimism and joy. Hope is positivity and dreams for a desired outcome. Hope is something which keeps us moving even when things are looking dark.

This Sunday I had the pleasure of going to church at House of Hope here in Panama City where my dad was speaking.

House of Hope welcomes everyone who walks through its doors. Addicts, smokers, drinkers, clubbers, single parents, broken families, anyone who had a passion to seek out God was invited to join their service. Everyone there was more than kind. They were very considerate towards us and so hospitable.

Walking in, I was greeted by ladies and gentlemen who knew me because of my dad. It was nice to get a warm hug before the service began. When the service did start though, I was hit by a wave of memories I didn’t even know I still had.

Worship songs, praise dancers, singing with no instruments. All things that I did at church when I was eight.

The way we all sang together as a union with nothing backing us up but each other's voices and the sight of girls younger than me dancing to a song that glorifies God. It was astounding. It gave me hope for the future.

A woman who’s been going through a tough patch in her life got up on stage and sang. She didn’t care if she sounded good or bad, she had no thought of what the others would think, all she cared about was singing for God and showing her gratitude to him.

She shared her message through a single song. She sang about redemption and how no matter how rough things look, God will redeem you.

It gave me hope for a better life for anyone who thinks they’ve done wrong. A man walked into the church right during praise and worship. He was balancing on a cane and hobbling into the building, but once he heard the music he lifted his cane into the air and began dancing. Just a week ago he was told by his doctor he only had a few days to live, but there he was. Alive and well. That gave me hope for all the miracles God is able to provide.

People came into this church with all sorts of problems weighing them down, but they learned that God is there to redeem them. They realize we can be freed in his name. We don’t have to have a good financial standpoint, we don’t need to be able to recite Bible verses off the top of our head, we don’t need to be perfect.

All we have to do is love and devote ourselves to Jesus Christ and accept that even with all of our faults and scars he still wants us. He wants us more than anything.

He died to save us. He died to save our souls so we could one day live with Him in the amazing place known as Heaven. God wants us to hope. He wants us to look forward to our time with Him. He wants our attention; he wants our time.

I encourage you to go out and find a church. Find somewhere that will help you devote yourself to Jesus. Surround yourself with people who uplift you and push you to be your best self.

I hope you are able to find the light in all dark situations. I hope you can make your way through tough trials that come your way. I hope you are able to find hope of your own to hold on to and cherish.

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