By Brad May

Fred was a very focused and customer oriented employee. He was always making sure the customer received what they needed and when they needed it. He hauled gasoline and diesel fuel to farmers, loggers, plantations and all in between.

Some places were easy to service and others maybe a mile in the woods. Some tanks were easy access while others he might have to climb a ladder to reach. No matter what it took, he was always willing to get the job done.

He has worked customers in several counties including Bullock, Barbour, Russell, Macon, Pike, and Montgomery. He never knew from one day to the next where he may go, but it never slowed him down.

May's Distributing Company Inc. was started when Spooky and Linda May purchased the business from Douglas May in 1990. The business continued to grow and their sons David and Brad May joined the company soon after.

In 2011, Spooky and Linda retried and David and Brad May purchased the company and continued the operation.

They have continued to grow and expand the service to the people of Bullock County and other areas as well. They have stores in Union Springs, Montgomery and Troy. The also operate the bulk plant operations out of Union Springs and Ozark Alabama.

From there is where they service all of the local farmers and loggers and everyone else using five bobtail trucks. May's Distributing Co. Inc., also has five transport trucks that haul fuel to these bulk plants and also to many other stores in Central Alabama.

May's Distributing is like a puzzle with many working parts. With all of our dedicated employees the company is able to service many people with all interest.

Mr. Fred was a piece of that puzzle. He was apart of this company for 17 years. He will be greatly missed but he knows he always has a place here with us anytime!

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