Every year United States flags fly in downtown Union Springs for the three-day holiday weekend for the annual Memorial Day, the last Monday in May. Memorial Day honors the men and women who have died while serving in the military. Government offices and many businesses are closed in Union Springs on that Monday. Photo shows flags flying at the Bullock County Courthouse where a historical monument stands to honor veterans of World War I. After World War I Memorial Day expanded to honor those military who died in all American wars from the beginning of our country. (Photo by Faye Gaston)

By Faye Gaston

Many businesses were closed in Union Spring on Memorial Day, Monday, May 27, 2019. USA flags fly every year in downtown Union Springs for the three-day Memorial weekend.

This is a federal holiday to honor countless men and women veterans who have died while serving in the military throughout our country's history.

Memorial Day commemorates particularly those who died in battle or as a result of wounds sustained in battle. Memorial Day "memorializes" the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. There were many veterans from Bullock County who made this ultimate sacrifice so that America has its freedoms we enjoy today.

Traditionally, folks visit cemeteries and place USA flags at grave-markers of veterans. Volunteers often place American flags at grave sites in national cemeteries. A national moment of remembrance takes place at 3:00 p.m. local time.

Memorial Day began in the late 1800's. After World War I, the day expanded to honor those who have died in all American wars, from the beginning of our country.

In 1971, Memorial Day became a national holiday by an act of Congress, to be celebrated annually on the last Monday of May.

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of Summer, although the season really begins with the Summer Solstice on June 21. According to one source, nearly 43 million Americans would be on the road on the 2019 Memorial Day weekend for their first vacation of the season.

With government offices and many businesses closed on May 27, 2019 Union Springs' streets were almost deserted.

Folks were enjoying extra time with family and friends and sharing a meal.

In Bullock County, we live in gratitude every day for the sacrifices made by our war veterans. Those flying flags in downtown Union Springs are a symbol of this gratitude and for respect for our great country.

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