Caitlin Yeager

Caitlin Yeager

Baptist Medical Center East’s maternity ward is the center of a new Lifetime Television special that airs this week. The show is called, “The Baby Factory: Alabama”.

The hour long special goes into the labor & delivery rooms, revealing the challenges, the stresses, and all the emotion the doctors and nurses feel.

Baptist East has one of the busiest maternity wards in the country, delivering about 300 babies a month.

The show goes inside labor and delivery rooms, following the ups and downs of four different mothers and families bringing new babies into the world.

“There’s there’s no such thing as a downtime in labor and delivery, " said Caitlin Yeager, one of the nurses featured in the special.

When Yeagar heard the camera crews coming, she all but dared them to keep up.

"Bring your running shoes, we're ready," Yeager said. "So at one point I remember the cameraman saying, 'Caitlin, you've got to slow down' and the next thing I know, he was in front of me filming and he was just falling behind me."

For Yeagar, days are usually much longer than the 12 hour shift on her schedule, and often filled with tough moments.

“Losing a baby or in some of the cases where we’ve actually lost the mamas, they’re horrible.

"Those are the worst days, those are the days where I go home and and I just don’t want to talk to anybody,” Yeager described.

Still, there's nothing else she'd rather do.

“Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to do this,” she reflected.

Now she’s excited to show the world what she does, what a real-life super hero does, every day.

“I’m hoping that we can show people just our hard work, our dedication, and really just our southern hospitality,” Yeagar said. “That people can actually get a glimpse of what we do, because we do amazing things here.”

“The Baby Factory: Alabama” airs Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. on Lifetime Television.

Caitlin is married to Dustin Yeager and they have two children. Caitlin’s parents are Melita and Bill Cantey; grandparents are Faye and Ceciel Locklar and Rebecca and Billboy Cantey.

Caitlin graduated from South Montgomery Academy in 2009.

She has worked in Baptist East Labor and Delivery since 2015.

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