Jimmy Adams

By Kim Adams Graham

Jimmy Adams was bitten by a rattlesnake on Thursday, July 18, 2019. He was straightening up a pile of tin when the rattlesnake bit him just above his ankle.

Adams immediately called his neighbor Randall Hall. His body went numb fast and he started slurring his words and could not talk. Hall quickly arrived and called 911. Haynes Ambulance, Bullock County Sheriff and the Midway Fire Department all arrived at the house to assist Adams.

Someone called for Haynes Life-Flight Helicopter and Adams was transported to the Baptist Hospital in Montgomery. When he arrived at the ER he was immediately started an IV with anti-venom medication.

Adams said, “I had an unending pain. The worst pain in my whole life. If hell is like the rattlesnake bite pain you do not want to go there. It was terrible, excruciating pain.

"If you are out working in the woods, have some boots on. Adams was out the next day on Friday. He didn’t want to stay the weekend. I am an Adams.

An hour or so after the anti-venom was infused the pain started to get a little better.

"These people saved my life. Instead of writing an article someone would be writing my obituary.”

Adams sincerely thanks Haynes Ambulance Service, Bullock County Sheriff Department, Midway Fire Department, Baptist Hospital and Randall Hall for saving his life.

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