Judge Teresa Daniel

Judge Teresa Daniel

By Kim Adams Graham

Union Springs City Municipal Judge Teresa Daniel resigned as of Monday, June 15, 2020.

Judge Daniel was an attorney for about ten years. She served as District Judge for about nine years. On August 8, 2017, she was sworn in as Union Springs Municipal Judge.

Judge Daniel was asked by Union Springs Mayor Saint T. Thomas, Jr. to resign as the Municipal Court Judge after sharing a Facebook post.

Judge Daniel's husband Hunky had this to say at the Zoom council meeting: "Mayor and Council members: My wife would like for me to speak first.

"I would like to start by reading the post that started this - "How about all lives matter. Not black lives, not white lives. Get over yourself; no one's life is more important than the next. Put your race card away and grow up."

Mr. Daniel said, "My wife and I believe that all lives matter and race should have nothing to do with whose life matters more. As a matter of fact, to try to take a position of black or white is counterproductive. And to me, it seems like you would want a judge who thinks that all lives matter. We, as a people, should not fall into the trap of choosing one group or the other. All that does is cause division.

"I shared this post too, and at the time, I didn't see anything that might upset anyone. I thought that I lived in a small town where I felt like the people here really cared about all lives and never thought there would be a problem.

"That people here are not caught up in things that would divide us because we care about each other. Black and white or brown. To us, all lives matter, is about unity.

"When this first got started, I was mad to think anybody that knows my wife would think she had a prejudice or racist bone in her body. With over ten years at the Jinks Law Firm, almost ten years as Bullock County District Judge, and two years as City Judge, she has always served Bullock County and Union Springs with fairness and concern for all the people here.

"As I thought more about it, I realized that most of the people in this county love and respect her and know her as fair, honest and impartial.

"But there is a handful of small-minded people here that are not interested in peace and harmony and want to "stir the pot" to keep themselves relevant. It is sad that the true leaders of this town and county don't have the backbone to stand up for what is right because yall know her, and you are being influenced by a loud few.

"For anyone to think that back lives don't matter to her, don't know how many times she has come home after court and cried for the children of this county.

"How she agonized over dealing with separations of families or having drug addicts, that she tried to help, relapse. But that's ok, because I know that she cares for all the people.

"I want to leave you all with this: She and I love this county. We love the people of this county. ALL the people of this county and we will remain true to serving this city and county as long as we live.

"We leave this meeting with nothing but love and respect for ALL people, especially those here in this community.

"Remember, we are ALL children of God."

After Mr. Daniel's statement, Judge Daniel announced she was resigning from Municipal Judge effective immediately.

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