By Faye Gaston

The Union Springs Planning Commission met on June 1, 2020, VIA phone conference call, facilitated by City Attorney Elizabeth Smithart.

Planning Commission Chairman, Brian Agnew, presided. One of the issues on the agenda were two possible new businesses that may require rezoning and a public hearing.

There is a delay in scheduling public hearings due to the COVID-19 pandemic guidelines on public gatherings.

Attorney Wanda Cochran requested information to potentially place a BNB (Bed and Breakfast) in the "Old Blount Home" at 401 North Prairie Street. The current zone is R1. Tracey Delaney had concerns with the noise, parking, and building codes restrictions.

Joyce Perrin was concerned with the parking issues and the neighbors. Attorney Smithart stated that the parking was the issue she discussed with Attorney Cochran.

Mayor Saint T. Thomas, Jr. was against the request. Chairman Agnew stated that the homeowner must live in a BNB (Bed and Breakfast) and that the homeowners may not reside there now.

He said there is a vacant house next to the Blount Home and the neighbor next door is in favor of the BNB. He said there is parking available in the rear of the house.

The other potential new business is an Upscale Pedicure Salon at 185 Radford Lane, zoned R1.

The request regarding this business was made by Nazareth Thornton.

Presetta Walker asked if this should be a Conditional Use Request or a rezoning request. Chairman Agnew stated that a Conditional Use Request is in order because the Upscale Pedicure Salon falls under a Home Occupation.

The vote was unanimous to approve the appointment of Presetta Walker as the Zoning Administrator. The City Council had made this appointment at its May 18, 2020, meeting.

Present at the zoom June 1 meeting were board members Brian Agnew, Joyce Perrin (Co-Chair), Presetta Walker, Secretary, Mayor Saint T. Thomas, Jr., Peggy Goodwin, Charlotte Phillips and Carla Elston.

Absent members were Larry Stewart and Cary Hyche. Also present were Attorney Elizabeth Smithart, Henry Thrasher, Deborah Hicks Milan, Faye Gaston, and Kim Graham.

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