By Johnny Adams

The Union Springs Police Department received a phone call on Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017 from a caller who said they just saw someone kick in the front door of a home on Prairie Street South.

The police were dispatched, and with the assistance of several citizens who kept reporting the location of the three men, were able to capture all three.

Au’Derrous Washington, 19, and Detavous Sellers, 18, were the two adults who allegedly burglarized the home. There was one other individual with them who was a juvenile and that person’s name is not being released.

The three individual fled south on Prairie Street and were all captured in the vicinity of Prairieview gas station. One of the individuals ran into a ditch and crawled through a sewer pipe underneath the four laned Prairie Street.

When he exited the sewer pipe the police made the arrest.

Union Springs Police Chief Danny Jackson thanked the Bullock County Sheriff Deputies and the citizens who assisted with the capture.

Chief Jackson said, “I want people to know if you do wrong in Union Springs, we are going to do our best to capture you.” He also stated, “If you see an unusual vehicle in your neighborhood, notify the police department and we will gladly check it out.”

After these three suspects were arrested they were charged with Receiving Stolen Property. Further investigations led the police to find several stolen weapons and rings connected with burglaries on Waugh Street, Locke Avenue, Prairie Street and Red Williams Road and other locations in Bullock and Pike Counties in connection with a burglary ring. Police say more charges are pending.

Au’Derrous Washington was on probation for a murder charge at the time of the burglary.

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