Superintendent Blair

By Johnny Adams

Superintendent Blair presented a report to the Board of Education Board members which outlined how well the School Resource Officer (SRO) program is performing at Bullock County High School.

The report, which was presented last Thursday night, May 9, at the Board of Education meeting, showed that the SRO program has lowered the number of fights at the school and the discipline of the children is better than the prior year without program.

The superintendent further explained that the program helps monitor bullying, child abuse, suicide, stolen property and more.

After the superintendent gave the data from the report, Board Member Orlando Johnson said, “It’s a cover up.”

Superintendent Blair asked what Member Johnson meant by a cover up. Member Johnson replied, “We are overlooking the main issue that needs to be addressed.”

Superintendent Blair said they didn’t need to discuss any specific issues since there is an ongoing investigation into a recent incident. He later added, the Alabama State Bureau of Investigation is also looking into the recent incident.

During the discussion, most board members said they want to continue the SRO program but pointed out that some changes may need to be made.

Member Caldwell said he thinks they should look at creating policies that would outline when a taser should be used.

Member Scott-Meeks said a chain of command should be followed starting with the teacher and working its way up to, lastly, the SRO.

One parent voiced her opinion about the most recent resource office. She said her son claims that officer was a bully at the school. Superintendent Blair said any parent who has an issue at the school should put it in writing and it will be investigated.

Superintendent Blair said they have hired another resource officer but did not state their name.

The new resource officer will take the place of Resource Officer James. She is the officer who recently tased a student at the school.

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