By Morgan Brewer

Shenandoah Plantation located in Union Springs, AL opened the gates for the 7th Annual Youth Field Trial on March 14th 2020. Dr. John Reardon offered his plantation for the premier youth trial the South has to offer.

This trial would not be possible without the continued support from Robert Moorer and the staff at Shenandoah. The list is endless as to what all goes into a trial of this magnitude and Robert does not disappoint.

The grounds were immaculate, lunch was delicious and the hospitality was first class. The old saying “it takes a village to raise a child” it takes an alliance to raise our youth and that is exactly what The Alabama Youth Field Trial Association has done.

The judges this year were Will McFerrin of Auburn, AL and Brent Boswell of Shopton, AL.

They both have extensive knowledge of bird hunting and were very attentive to each handler and dog. Their time and efforts were greatly appreciated.

The first brace turned loose at 10:00 am. It was 71 degrees when first time handler Ryder Lewis and second time handler Claire Street came to the line. Gabby, a setter female handled by Street had a clean find at 12 and Hawk a pointer male handled by Lewis honored with a back.

Lewis is the great nephew of David and Missy Key. The Key’s have been a staple in The Alabama Field Trial Association and their involvement is much obliged.

Jill, a setter female handled by Ella Grace Montgomery and Genny, a pointer female handled by Braden Renfroe were in the 2nd brace. Montgomery and Renfroe had a divided find at 12.

Addison McDuffie and Taylor Roberts came to the line for the 3rd brace. Dot, a pointer female handled by McDuffie had an excellent front running race but came up birdless. Ben, a pointer male handled by Roberts had an unproductive at 7.

Buster handled by Bennett McFay and Rook (Renfroe) were in the 4th brace. McFay came all the way from Georgia to handle his dog; he had a great race but came up birdless.

Rook had a picture perfect find at 14 and Renfroe was awarded 1st place for his performance. A special thanks to Jack and Fran Miller for the exquisite trophy they donated for first place.

Hey Joe (Roberts) and Doc handled by Katie Bell Varner were in the 5th brace. Doc, a pointer male had a back at 3. Hey Joe, a pointer male had a stylish find at 3 and Roberts was awarded 2nd place.

Phillips Feed and Seed located in Union Springs, AL donated the prizes for 2nd and 3rd place, many thanks for their contribution.

Jack handled by Reese Green and B (Roberts) came to the line after lunch for the 6th brace. It was sunny and 81 degrees at breakaway. Jack, a pointer male had two backs at 7 and at pick up. B, a pointer female had two unproductives at 7 and at pick up.

Big, a setter male handled by Tripp Whatley and Joe (Montgomery) were in the 7th brace. Big had two clean finds at 14 and at pick up. Joe, a pointer male had a back at 14.

Blaze (Green) and Cash (McDuffie) came to the line for the 8th brace. Blaze, a pointer male had a stylish tail-cracking race but came up birdless. Cash, a pointer male had finds at 1 and 18.

Bob (McFay) and Sam handled by first time handler Kinsley Kilpatrick were in the 9th brace. Bob, a pointer male had two unproductives at 4 and 8. Sam handled well for Kilpatrick but did not produce any birds.

Red (Varner) and Trouble (Whatley) came to the line in the 10th brace for the ultimate setter match up. Trouble had a back at 4, a find at 14 and a find at pick up. Red had two nice finds at 4 and 17 that landed him in the 3rd place slot.

Bell, a pointer female handled by Braden Renfroe was a bye dog in the 11th brace. Bell had a find at 8 to conclude the trial.

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