Willie Spears

During football season Coach Spears will have his friends fill in for him as he focuses on the season. This week we have Alvin Collins.

Heavy Load

When driving on the highway, you see many different types of vehicles. Much of the time there are very large trucks carrying heavy loads or wide and heavy loads. They can be seen in front of you as you approach them. They are seen in the rearview mirror as they approach you.

Either way, there is an expectation and a reality that a large truck with a heavy load is coming in your direction. For the few moments when passing or being passed by these large trucks with their loads exposed, we quickly analyzed them. Curiosity asks the questions “What is that?”, “What are they going to do with that?”, “Who thought of something like that?” and the questions continue to flow. But before curiosity has an opportunity to occupy the thoughts of your mind, the driver begins to prepare for the impending encounter.

The prevailing hope is it that when passing or being passed, no harmful event will become reality. The preparatory actions might include, adjusting yourself in the seat, repositioning your hands on the steering wheel and foot on the pedal.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the driver mentally prepares for the possibility of an unsuccessful passing effort. Preparing for a seen heavy load is easy; there’s great motivation!

The greater danger is not expecting or being prepared for the unseen heavy load. At times, a heavy load can appear out of nowhere and wreck the entire driving experience. Yes, heavy loads move quietly and instantly provide a different reality.

In dealing with this unexpected reality, the lack of preparation and experience can cause a reaction or adjustment that makes matters worse. For example, instead of moving over and letting the heavy load pass, the driver slows down or even slams on the breaks.

Actions such as these, forces the heavy load to remain longer than necessary. On our highway of life, we all encounter heavy loads and wide heavy loads. Some can be seen coming and then we can prepare for them.

Then there are some that can’t be seen, but we’re somewhat prepared and can make the necessary adjustments. But what about the expected heavy and wide heavy loads?

The ones that just appear in your rearview mirror or right there in your face. Perhaps the worst loads are the ones that we carry on the inside. Inside the boundaries of our minds and sequestered in the depths of our hearts.

Just like on the highway rest areas are provided for the refreshing of the physical body, on the highway of life rest areas are also provided. The rest areas of LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, FORGIVENESS, HOPE, COMPASSION and FAITH can be accessed at any time on your day’s journey.

Each rest area is uniquely equipped for you to drop your “Heavy Load” and leave it there. Each rest area is fully staffed with the greatest security. In fact, the hospitality is so great, that if you were to ask that all your violations be forgiven, the supreme adjudicator of justice is faithful and just to forgive them all. You my friends, can drop your “Heavy Load”, if you would only stop in at the rest areas of life.

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