By Faye Gaston

Faye Gaston presented the monthly Historical Preservation report at the City Council meeting on July 6, 2020, VIA phone conference. The report was as follows:

"Today in 2020 there is a world war with an invisible enemy, the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are making changes in what we purchase, how we travel, and what entertainment we can attend.

''Seventy-seven years ago in 1943, there was World War II among nations, and changes were made in how people lived during this world war.

The files of the Union Springs Herald newspaper published news of the war.

Seventy-seven years ago in 1943 during the World War, shoes were rationed. Leather shoes were rationed to three pairs a year.

The Herald recorded that Uncle Sam needed tin. It read, "It is regretted that so far our citizens in Union Springs have not responded as we had expected to the Tin Can Salvage Campaign.

''We are due to deliver in the early future a shipment to the plant in Birmingham and earnestly request that all tin cans can be sent to a grocery store so that they may be picked up. Uncle Sam needs the tin! We are depending on you."

The Central of Georgia Railway Company said this in the Herald: "We know you will understand. Due to heavy wartime demands, crowded conditions will exist, lateness of trains will occur, modern type of equipment cannot be furnished in all cases.

''When victory comes and our present job is done you will continue to have our every consideration."

The Herald published this about sugar rationing.

"Sugar for home canning will be limited to one pound for each four quarts of the finished product and maybe secured by applying to the local board.

''Any family can apply for sugar to put in jams, jellies and preserves at the rate of five pounds per person. Last year (1942) sugar for preserves was limited to one pound per person".

In 2020 we can watch movies at home on television or DVD instead of health risks in a movie theatre. In 1943 there was one movie theatre in Union Springs, the Lilfred Theatre.

The Herald read, "Notice of starting time of the Lilfred Theatre: Sunday Night Shows now begin at 9:00 o'clock in order not to conflict with Church Services".

In 2020 we get reports on the condition of those who have contracted COVID-19. In 1943 there were reports of our military serving in other countries in the world war.

The Herald read, "We regret to note that Lt. Malcolm Rawls has been reported as missing in the European area. Lt. Rawls, who was a popular member of the High School faculty before entering the Air Force, wrote recently from a hospital in England where he was being treated for minor injuries that he was O.K. and rarin' to get back into the bombing raids.

''Letters from Sam Wilson, Jr. who is in North Africa and George Ellis, who is in Australia, report that they are well".

Those were hard times in Union Springs in 1943 during World War II in our history of Bullock County.

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