Councilman Stan "Chilly" Cooks

By Faye Gaston

At the Union Springs City Council meeting on July 1, 2019, there was a discussion about proposed pay raises for the Council and Mayor for the next term of office.

Councilman Stan "Chilly" Cooks distributed a list to the Council and Mayor of his service to the community while he has been on the Union Springs City Council.

He asked that the list be published in the Union Springs Herald newspaper.

"(1) Pictures in City Hall, (2) Pushed for paving, (3) Black History at Red Door Theatre, (4) Community Outreach Committee, (5) Block Party, (6) ICE Cool Band, (7) Attempt at raising PD morale through raises, (8) Kids and Cops, (9) Attempt at downtown beautification, (10) Comeback Award, (11) YOM, (12) LUSA SOLAR into curriculum w/Dr. Lowe, (13) Homecoming Concert with Stop the Violence, (14) Xmas lights, (15) Tree Committee/Arbor Day, (16) Attempt at Charter school - Drone tech/Solar/language, (17) Music classes at USES-a partnership with ICE Cool Band. (18) Sign at Mason Cemetery, (19) Community Service Award, (20) Musical director for Chunnenuggee Fair, (21) Musical director for the Veterans Day program, (22) Attempted a council dress code, (23) Sunday Alcohol sales."

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