By Faye Gaston

For the second Sunday morning a worship service was held at Dream Field Farms at 10:00 a.m. on March 29, 2020.

This is a way to assemble together because church buildings are closed on Sunday mornings due to the COVID-19 pandemic disease. The number of vehicles for the outdoor “Church on the Farm” had increased from the previous Sunday.

Rev. Gene Nelson, pastor of the First United Methodist Church of Union Springs, preached on “Living Waters” with a pond in the background. His text was John 4 about the “Woman at the Well”. She was a woman of lowest morals who brought a jug to fill with physical water from Jacob’s Well that is still there today.

During her conversation with Jesus, for the first time He revealed His identity as the Messiah. She forgot her water jug and went back and told her village about Him and the spiritual living water for their thirsty souls. They came to hear Him and many also believed that He was the Savior.

Pastor Nelson said that in today’s crisis the “waters of anxiety, despair and challenges” could be laid in prayer at the Cross. As he ended a prayer, folks in their vehicles prayed the Lord’s Prayer with him. He said for those needing prayer to honk their horns.

Andrew Ellis was the M.C. and prayed to begin and end the service. He said multiple churches and denominations were here. During the four songs a basket would be passed around to collect checks from the rows of vehicles.

Checks would be delivered to the church named on the check. Checks could also be made out to “Sharing the Dream” (non-profit) sponsor of the services. He said to stay in the vehicles, six feet apart. Prayer requests could be made on the FaceBook page and webb site.

The benediction was the hymn “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” with the words, “We should never be discouraged, take it to the Lord in prayer”. Verses named sins, grief, trials, temptations, troubles and sorrows to pray about.

Ministers will rotate preaching at the services.

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