CSCS Athlete Lott Putnam

CSCS Athlete Lott Putnam

By Faye Gaston

Lott Putnam finished his freshman year at Conecuh Springs Christian School (CSCS). He participated in football, basketball, baseball, and archery. Even with no practices this spring because of the COVID-19 pandemic, he feels the teams will be ready to play in the fall.

He says he has learned "discipline and teamwork" from being in sports, and has also created a "brotherhood with my teammates". His parents, Kelly and Midge, and sister Laura Lee, attend his games and "push me along as an athlete and a person." Because of the pandemic there were cancellations or postponements of the prom, athletic banquet, and academic awards ceremony.

Most of the 2020 baseball season was canceled. There was no state championship held. Classes were not held in the school building, but there was "home-based learning including google classroom and completed weekly packets from the school. Homework was done the same way. Teachers were seen only at school at weekly drop-offs and pick-ups. School friends were seen "via Face Time and Zoo".

In addition to sports, this athlete is interested in "friendships and education". Lott Putnam has an impressive record in all four sports. In football, his CSCS team made it to state playoffs in 2018 and 2019. Lott was quarterback both years.

He was awarded the 2019 Captain Award. In basketball, his junior high team made it to the state final four championships for the last four years. He was selected all-tournament team in 2020. He was awarded the CSCS Most Valuable Player award in 2019 and the Offensive Most Valuable Player in 2020.

In basketball, the CSCS varsity team made it to the state playoffs in 2020. Lott was selected first-team all-state for basketball in 2020. He was awarded the 2019 Offensive Player in 2019.

In baseball, Lott was awarded the 2018 and 2019 Defensive Most Valuable Player for the CSCS baseball team. He was selected first-team all-state in 2019. In archery, Lott was the 2017 CSCS Top Archer. The archery team has won several state awards.

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John Lina

In fact, the 19-century pandemic was a global pandemic, the consequences it brought were unimaginable, it affected everywhere, bringing the economy to a standstill, all sports activities being halted. It is truly a terrifying human disaster

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