Submitted by Darlene McGaw

There was not a cloud in the sky and November 2, 2019 was a perfect day for the Bullock County Black Belt Festival on the grounds of Bullock County High School.

Attendees were greeted by the inspirational sounds of The Gospel Giants and the Anointed Voices. Throughout the day shoppers were enticed by the variety of wares offered for sale by our local vendors, and the children where entertained by a bounce house which provided them with hours of fun.

Each year the Community Associates honor members of the county who provide outstanding services and/or achievements. This year the Union Springs City Street Department workers were chosen to be recognized for their service which often extends beyond their paid duties.

Each worker received an achievement certificate along with a gift certificate for meals at AG’s Food Service, McDonalds, and Piggly Wiggly’s Food Service.

Ms. Yeteva Harris, daughter of Mr. Wallace B. Harris, owner of Express Financial Services, Inc. made a presentation to the CAMO (Children and Mentors Outdoors) Kids organization in support of the many activities they provide for the youth in Bullock County.

Previous recipients of donations from Mr. Harris have been to the Bullock County High School Football team (2018) and Chilly’s Ice Cool Band (2017).

In the afternoon hours special performances of gospel and jazz by brothers Kingston and Jokyle Smith engaged the crowd with their keyboard and guitar playing skills.

The closing entertainment was provided by the highly anticipated appearance of Mr. Chris Parker a local rapper and singer from Midway, Al. His vocals and lyrics were heartfelt and relatable to the younger audience members.

The Bullock County Black Belt Festival is funded through an Arts Grant from the Black Belt Community Foundation. Funds raised from the festival and other activities are then matched up to five thousand dollars by the Black Belt Foundation.

These dollars are then returned to Bullock County and distributed in the form of Community Grants which are used to solve problems in our community by providing services and activities in Bullock County.

The Bullock County Black Belt Community Associates would like to thank the Murphy Family Restaurants (McDonald’s), Associated Grocers(AG) and Union Springs Piggly Wiggly for their support of our city employees and the city and county agencies which have also consistently supported our efforts to support the citizens of Bullock County.

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