Left to right: Commissioner John McGowan, Bullock County Development Authority David Padgett, Commissioner Don Larkins, Commissioner Johnny Adams, Sharon Lee, Commissioner Henry Barnett, William Hodge, Commission Chairman Alonza Ellis, Patrick Smith and Jason DeShazo.

Bullock County Hospital, Bullock County Healthcare Authority and the Bullock County Commission are thinking about the future of Bullock County as well as the people who live here.

They are deeply committed to serving the complete healthcare needs of its residents and our neighbors in the surrounding areas.

As we look ahead, the signs point to a renewed emphasis on growth and expansion.

Thanks to the initiatives and leadership of the Bullock County Healthcare Authority and the Bullock County Commission, Bullock County Hospital has expanded and moved into the former Bullock County Health Department building.

Located directly across from the hospital main entrance, the Bullock County Hospital Annex operates as a clinical and technology classroom for training, as well as a conference room and additional space for business services.

We’re freeing up square footage within the hospital to expand patient care areas such as physical therapy and inpatient rehabilitation services.

So while we continue to renovate the hospital facility, recruit and train staff, we’re striving to provide healthcare that compares with the finest available anywhere.

On Thursday, August 8, 2019, members from the Bullock County Healthcare Authority, the Bullock County Commission and representatives from Tuskegee University School of Nursing and Allied Health toured the newly renovated annex.

Sharon Lee, CEO of Bullock County Hospital and William Hodge, Chairman of the Bullock County Healthcare Authority hosted the tour of the annex, showcased the classrooms and served refreshments.

Dean and Professor Dr. Constance Smith Hendricks, RN, FAAN has coordinated nursing students to participate in med/surgery, detox, and psychiatric clinical training at the Bullock County Hospital two days a week.

The BCH Annex was designed to train the next generation of specially-trained healthcare professionals. Working together for you… Bullock County Commission, Bullock County Healthcare Authority, Tuskegee University and Bullock County Hospital maintain a strong commitment to provide exceptional healthcare – close to home.

About Bullock County Hospital: Bullock County Hospital, one of Alabama’s oldest rural hospitals, treats more than 12,045 patients annually.

The hospital provides 24-hour emergency care, inpatient skilled nursing care, physical therapy, EKG procedures, CT, X-rays, ultrasound, mammograms, laboratory tests, and more.

Your community hospital also serves others in need of medical detox or behavioral health treatment with the Self-Recovery Drug and Alcohol Addiction Program, the Gateway Adult Psychiatric Unit and the Golden Years Geriatric Psych Unit.

Bullock County Hospital impacts the overall health and wellness of the local residents and others in counties throughout the state.

For information about Bullock County Community Hospital, please call 334-738-2140.

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