By Dr. James V. Poe, Jr. and Mrs. Bertha Coleman Poe

The Bullock County Branch NAACP #5066 presented the 9th Annual Hon. James V. Poe, Sr. Community Law College Program at Bullock County High School Thursday, May 16, 2019 from 9:00 am until 11:00 am.

The Community Law College was sponsored in partnership with the Bullock County Board of Education and Bullock County High School.

Bullock County High School students were introduced to their elected political representatives and community activists and given a brief summary of their positions/organizations, and their duties and responsibilities.

Each representative congratulated the students and gave them "words of wisdom" based on their knowledge and experience on how to succeed and excel in life.

Students were advised "to never give up, get a good education, never stop learning, respect persons in authority, obey the law and become the leaders of the law and the community".

They were also given information on the 2020 Census and the need for every citizen to be counted; nutrition and the school lunch program; voter registration, voter education and the need to vote in every election.

In attendance and speakers were: Bullock County High School Principal, Mr.Kelvin James, Mayor S.T. Thomas, Jr., Police Chief Danny Jackson, Captain Dr. Dean, Lt. Gary Lewis, Hon. John McGowan, First Black Mayor of Union Springs, now Bullock County Commissioner, Councilman Stan Cooks, Rev. Pugh, Sheriff Dept., Mr. Courtney Woodfaulk, Director, Bullock County Recreation Center, Mrs. Tracey Larkins, Director, Bullock County Human Resources, Bullock County School Dietitian, Ms. Kandra McCray, Ms. Aaliyah Johnson, Bullock County High School Senior, representing Probate Judge James E. Tatum, Mrs. Bessie Huffman, President, Bullock County Alabama Democratic Party, Mrs. Jeraldyne Dorsey, former President, Bullock County NAACP, Mrs. Sidney Jernigan, Bullock County Coroner, Mrs. Edith Rodgers, NAACP Secretary, Mrs. Darlene McGaw, NAACP member, Mrs. Willie Dean Kiser Golden, NAACP member, Mrs. Sue Ellis, NAACP member, Mrs. Bertha Coleman Poe, NAACP Treasurer, Dr. James V. Poe, Jr. President, Bullock County NAACP.

On behalf of the Bullock County NAACP #5066, we thank the Bullock County Board of Education, Bullock County High School Principal, Teachers, Staff and Students, all elected officials and community activists for their participation the the 9th Annual James V. Poe, Sr. Community Law College.

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